How YOU can Help Causes from Around the World

How YOU can Help Causes from Around the World

There are many people in need of help throughout the world, and many more willing to help, but are unsure of how to do so. Here are some useful links to places that you can work with to make real changes and make our world a better place! Do not hesitate to email us at or DM us @dualclubcloting on instagram with any questions or concerns that you may have. Here are the links:

Racial Justice Movement- Various places to donate or learn how to contribute towards the Racial Justice Movement.

NAACP- National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

COVID-19 Relief- How to donate and put help towards COVID-19 relief.

American Red Cross- Up to date causes to donate to within the United States as well as certain places around the globe.

The 30 Best Charities to Donate to within the US- Various GoFundMe pages that are reputable towards causes that need support, all within the United Sates. Reputable petitions that are kept up to date that are asking for change.


If you feel like there are any causes missing from this list, contact us immediately and we will update the list as soon as possible. Remember, every dollar and every signature counts towards every cause. It is also important to remember to vote in the upcoming 2020 election, every ballot counts. If you are not old enough to vote, you can volunteer to work at the voting polls. There is a minimum age of 16 years old, but it helps just as much as voting does, you can sign up here


- Jai G.

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